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The 3 big challenges most children face today

As a parent or a teacher, we’re all always looking at ways which can help our children get better. In a competitive world, it’s not enough to just do great at academics. The world is looking for children who are equipped to solve the problems that come up in an efficient fashion, and that demands for a better overall personality development in children. Skillful people is what the world needs and as parents or teachers, we should try to imbibe as many skill sets as possible in a child including their social skills, emotional skills besides academic performances. On the contrary, most parents however often struggle with their child’s development.

Understanding what challenges our children are facing is where the problem lies as most parents try to judge a child’s development based on the marks on a marksheet. But, is that all? No. After having coached thousands of students on handwriting techniques and personality development skills, we do not believe that the only big challenge children face today is concerned with their academic performance. So, what are the big challenges most children face today?

Number 1 – Lack of abilities to excel at academics

This is the most acknowledged and accepted challenge as many people agree and believe that children today lack the abilities and skills needed to do well at academics. The part of the problem is that most people stop, right here at this moment of realization and do not bother to dig in to the why of the problem. Why do our children lack the abilities to excel at academics? What is coming in their way? It’s crucial to find answers to these questions in order to solve the problem. In our experience of having coached thousands of students every year, we can conclude that there are a plethora of reasons to why children do poorly in their academics like:

  • Difficulties in recollecting the concepts taught and learnt – most children report that they do remember the concepts well, but just cannot recollect them while writing their answers during exams.
  • Stress and anxiety during exams – Exam blues are a real thing and most schools do not actively take interest in teaching children the right kind of coping mechanisms to deal with exam stress and anxiety.
  • Poor handwriting – Well, let’s face it: An evaluator will allot marks based on what the child has written on his paper and a poor handwriting is definitely a hindrance.
  • Poor preparations – The last quite obvious reason is poor preparation. Teaching concepts to children alone is not enough. It is as important to teach them how to efficiently prepare for their exams to drive good results.

Number 2 – Poor understanding of the basic fundamentals

The basic fundamentals of various subjects like maths and science form the foundation of academic education and sadly, most children fail to get their concepts right. While this might not seem like a big problem in the beginning, it will slowly find its way and come in the way of a child’s performance. Every child needs to be taught the importance of understanding the basic fundamentals of any subject and as parents and teachers, we need to ensure that our children know and understand the fundamentals.

Number 3 – Behavioral challenges

The most underrated challenges that children face today is with respect to their behavioral challenges. The reason is it is so easy to overlook the negative changes in the behavior of a child when parents are largely focusing on the problems that are on the surface – the poor academic performance.

However, the importance of paying attention to behavioral challenges cannot be ignored because this could be the reason why your child is doing poorly at school. Besides, the goal is to focus on the overall personality development of a child over what’s stated in the marksheet of a child. Hence, it’s crucial that both parents and teachers pay undue attention to a child’s behavior and monitor their behavioral patterns from time to time.

In order to bring out the best version of our children, it is crucial that we pay attention to all 3 challenges equally and explore ways through which we can tackle these challenges in the most effective fashion.

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