Is Your Signature The Bottle-Neck For Your Own Success?

Every Time You Sign, You Are Putting Across A Message To Your Sub-Conscious Mind And To The Universe. Wouldn’t You Want To Know The Message That Your Signature Is Communicating About You?


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1. Do You End Up Saying YES When You Actually Want To Say NO?

2. Do You Possess SELF LEADERSHIP Skills? Do You Stand By Your Own Decisions?

3. Are You Projecting INAUTHENTICITY Without Your Knowledge?

4. Is Your PLAN B Concrete Than Plan A?

5. Do You Give Yourself FALSE ASSURANCES? (There Is A Thin Line Between False Assurances And Thinking Positive)

6. Is Your COMMUNICATION With Your Loved Ones At Stake?

7. Are You Someone With Fixed IDEOLOGIES AND PRINCIPLES Or They Keep Changing?

8. Do You Know The STRENGTHS You Are Truly Made Up Of?

9. Are You Aware Of Your FEARS AND DEFENCES?

10. Do You Experience INCONSISTENCY In Your Energy And Behavior?

Know Your Trainer

Imran Baig

A Penmanship Influencer | A Passionate Educator | An Author

1,00,000+ Trained.
India's Leading Penmanship Influencer.
17+ Years of Experience.
Founder - Global Penmanship Academy.

Hi, I Am Imran Baig, A Penmanship Influencer, On A Mission To Make 1 Million People Fall In Love With Writing And Support Them In Forging Their Future Using The Power Of The Pen.

Having Spent More Than 2 Decades Being The Student Of Human Behaviour And Mind Dynamics, What I Have Discovered Is – Writing Is The Closest Possible Tool Which Gives Us A Direct Access To Our Mind As The Writing Comes From The Mind Directly And That’s Where I Fell In Love With The Science Of Handwriting Analysis.

I Invite You To Join Us For The Masterclass To Explore The Possibilities Of Bringing In Positive Changes To Every Dimension Of Your Life Just By The Way You Write.

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Dr. Amuthakalavalli

Dr Nitendra

Anju Nair

Upendra Nath

Sandhya Sunil

Suman Vijay

Naveen Sharma

Occupational health & safety professional

Sunitha K S

Retired (International NGO)

Alka Jain


Dr. A T Mani

Medical Doctor

Zafar Sadeed

IT Professional

Got any questions, we have some answered here for you;

What is Signature Master-class?

The Signature Master-class is a LIVE 3-hour workshop to understand the science behind the way people sign. Additionally, you will also learn to decode different types of signatures and the scientific method of signing the right way.

When is the master-class scheduled?

Please click on register now to see the schedule

Is the recording of the session available?

While interacting with our participants in the master-class, we have experienced many of them opening up about their personal lives. Hence to protect the confidentiality of our participants we do not share the recordings for the master-class.

Who can attend the session?

Any individual above 16 years of age is welcome to participate with us.

What happens if the session is missed?

We understand emergencies occur. In a situation like that, we will share the next upcoming schedule with you. We are committed to adding value to your participation.

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