Mastering Penmanship with Imran Baig

Find the easy way to help your child improve his/her penmanship skills and legibility.

Is Your Child Facing These Problems?

Handwriting is not legible
Write sometimes better but not consistent.
Hold the pen in an awkward manner.
Experiencing pain in the hand while writing.
Find it difficult to read and understand what is written.
Very slow in Writing and presses the pencil or pen heavily.
Unable to comprehend what has been written and just copying word by word ?

If your answer is "YES" then join this webinar and Learn What Makes Your Handwriting Scientific.

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What will you learn in this Webinar ?

The 5 Elements That Makes Handwriting Scientific

Evaluating If Your Handwriting Possess The 5 Scientific Elements & How To Inculcate Them.

How To Choose The Right Pen ?

Do You Know There Is A Science Behind Choosing A Pen & Not Merely Go By The Brand Or Design ?

Ergonomics Of Writing

The Scientific Positioning Of Pen, Body & The Paper While Writing.

Mastering Speed Writing

Learn to identify your child's current speed of writing by understanding the no. of words he/she writes in a minutes time and the techniques to enhance speed with comprehension and legibility.

Finger Flexion Exercises

We Don't Write With Our Hands. We use only our thumb and the index finger to write & Flexibility Is Important In Fingers

What You Need to Know About Hand Exercises

Develop The Co-ordination Between Your Hand & Mind.

Meet Your Trainer

Imran Baig

A Penmanship Influencer | A Passionate Educator | An Author

India's Leading Penmanship Influencer.
18+ Years of Experience.
Founder - Global Penmanship Academy
1,00,000+ Trained.

Hi, I Am Imran Baig, On A Mission To Make 1million People Fall In Love With Writing And Support Them In Forging Their Future Using The Power Of Pen. Having Spent More Than 2 Decades Being The Student Of Human Behavior & Mind Dynamics, What I Have Discovered Is –Writing Is The Closest Possible Tool Which Gives Us A Direct Access To Our Mind As The Writing Comes From The Mind Directly And That’s Where I Fell In Love With The Science Of Handwriting. Be There To Experience Online Learning Like Never Before – I Promise to Make you Fall in Love With Writing.

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