Free Law Of Attraction Workshop By Mitesh Khatri

What it is, How it Works, What are the Techniques to manifest, Where to use & Many More

Complete Basic Law Of Attraction + Introduction of Advance Law of Attraction Workshop

30 Days Challenge

Develop The Habit of Conscious Manifestation
Manifest like a Pro & Design your Dream Life.

Walk out of this powerful Law of Attraction Workshop…

Science of Law of Attraction, why & how it works?
What are different law of attraction manifestation techniques?
Learn and master powerful manifestation techniques like…
Affirmations – how to write and affirm?
How to manifest using Water Bottle?
How to transform energy with gratitude technique?
How to use cancel cancel technique?
How to clear Energy using super powerful Hawaiin (ho’oponopono) Technique?
Clear your negative energy and feel super positive – super powerful part of this free workshop.

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FREE Law of Attraction by Mitesh Khatri

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