Imagine A PEN – So Simple Instrument – There Must Be A Reason Why We Keep It So Close To Our Heart.

Don’t Just LEARN Handwriting Analysis


I Am Sure You Must Be Surprised –
The Immediate Question Is : Who Writes Now A Days ? – That’s The Point I Am Talking About.

How Does Handwriting Analysis Work?

Your Handwriting Is Actually Your Mind Writing Because It Comes From Your Sub-Conscious Mind

Your Handwriting Is As Unique As Your Finger Prints. No Two Handwriting's In The World Match.

Research Has Proven That Only A Fraction Of A Centimeter Difference In The Movement Of Your Fingers Stimulates A Different Part Of Your Brain. 

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What Is Grapho-Therapy ?

Experience The Power Of Letters
By Changing Your Handwriting To Change Your Life

Scientific Signature

Find The Importance Of A signature & What Your Signature Should Not Possess


The Language of Transformation – Learn To Communicate The Analysis

Base Of The Personality

Learn & Understand Human Behaviour In The Most Simplest & Easy Manner.

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Why The World Needs YOU ?

The World Operates At A Speed & People Need Tools Which Are FAST – EFFECTIVE & Easy To ACCESS To Improve Their Lifestyle & MENTAL HEALTH.

Being In The Space Of Personal Development For Close To 2 Decades – I Have Mastered A Tool Which Has Become The Answer The World Is Looking For And That Is "HANDWRITING ANALYSIS"

To Explore How Handwriting Analysis Is Not Just A Skill You Learn But You Can Make A Career Out Of Helping & Supporting People Around You. Explore How You Can Be A Part Of This Growing Industry.

Featured Testimonials from Experts

A Pat on your shoulder for your work always feels good. Inspiring Words Of Appreciation 

Really awesome class. Imran is a knowledge hub. The full class has Tremendous energy. It is great science. All the people need to learn.

Manikandan S Santhakumar

Global Penmanship  Academy

Thank you Imranji for adding such a beautiful knowledge. A teacher appears whenever a student is ready, you are that teacher and I am blessed as an student. God bless.

Nikhil Singh

Global Penmanship  Academy

I am very happy to be a part of this Global Penmanship Academy. It's not only about handwriting, it is all about our complete personality. Practical approach towards our life.

Kiran Pendyam

Global Penmanship  Academy

It was a great experience and a whole new world opened up for me.The process isn't over with the session , it is a continuous process and will remain with me throughout my life. Thanks Imran sir.

Smita Raut Desai

Global Penmanship  Academy

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Come Explore The Possibility Of You Being A Life Coach Using This Powerful Science As Tool 

Home maker | Teachers | Retd Personnel | Students | Professionals
Want To Start A Career And Not Sure Where To Start From
Looking To Change Your Lifestyle | Maintain Mental Health
If You Have A Passion To Be A Counsellor | Mentor


Imran Baig  Penmanship Influencer

Having Spent More Than 2 Decades Being The Student Of Human Behaviour & Mind Dynamics, What I Have Discovered Is –

Writing Is The Closest Possible Tool Which Gives Us A Direct Access To Our Mind As The Writing Comes From The Mind Directly And That’s Where I Fell In Love With The Science Of Handwriting.

Be There To Experience Online Learning Like Never Before - I Promise to Make you Fall in Love With Writing


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