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26th March 2023 || 3:30 PM

Imran Baig


Sandeep Bhansali

Digital Marketing Coach

“The Principle"

Became The Foundation Of Who I Am Today

Facilitating transformation for 18 years and mentored lakhs of individuals from varied walks of lives to “Write A Life Of Their Choice”
Designed “Life Transforming” programs on “Handwriting Analysis & Grapho-Therapy” , “Health In Handwriting” and “Mastering Penmanship For Students”
Featured In Leading Publications Of the country sharing the lesser known facets of handwriting.
To his credit is the research of understanding the science behind choosing the right pen. Did you know the shape of your nails define the type of pen you must write with

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I had a wonderful learning experience with Imran Sir. His teaching style is simple and interactive. His encouragement , positive attitude and smile helps in believing that we can achieve anything in life. He has a well defined structure of teaching which includes all the booklets for learning and practicing along with team activities. Much Gratitude to him for making learning this art so easy and interesting.

Priyanka Maheshwari

I have learnt so many new things which I was doing on a regular basis unknowingly via my subconscious which I was totally unaware of. Thanks to Imran Sir for pointing out my limitation and areas to improve, in achieving my future goals and also for making us learn this wonderful science to discover a new in us, helping society and the world and also multiplying our earnings.

Dwwaipayan Chakraborty

First of all, I got to know about myself so clearly during the self handwriting analysis. Understood the science behind the choreography between the subconscious and the hand movements. It was an absolute eye opener and not only that, I could find what steps I need to take to evolve my spiritual self.

Lois Thapa

An Awesome experience for the entire 3 days. There has been a lot of learning about human psychology and how we can decode the characteristics of a person based on handwriting. We have learned strengths, relations, fears and many more aspects. The icing on the top was the practical approach.

Rajarshi H Nandy

I had always wanted to learn handwriting analysis many years back but it is only now that I got an excellent mentor who made the subject interesting, practical and experiential.
It was a great experience and I now have the confidence to analyse handwritings.

sheba attoor

My experience was awesome. The way sir explained each topic is fabulous. 3 days were best days in my life . Understanding myself and my loved ones through handwriting giving me more confidence. Thank you sir for everything you are doing for us . 🙏

Lini Vinod

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