Mastering Penmanship With Imran Baig

Find the easy way to help your child improve his/her penmanship skills and legibility.

IS Your Child Facing These Problems?

If your answer is “YES” then join this webinar and Learn What Makes Your Handwriting Scientific.

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What will you discover in this webinar ?

The 5 Elements That Makes Handwriting Scientific

Evaluating If Your Handwriting Possess The 5 Scientific Elements & How To Inculcate Them.

How To Choose The Right Pen ?

Do You Know There Is A Science Behind Choosing A Pen & Not Merely Go By The Brand Or 
Design ?

Ergonomics Of Writing

The Scientific Positioning Of Pen, Body & The Paper While Writing.

Mastering Speed Writing

There Are Various Methods To Follow While Writing – We Teach The Unique System To Practice & Master Each Method.

Finger Flexion Exercises

We Don’t Write With Our Hands. We use only our thumb and the index finger to write & Flexibility Is Important In Fingers

What You Need to Know About Hand Exercises

Develop The Co-ordination Between Your Hand & Mind.

Meet Your Mentor

Imran Baig

Founder - Global Penmanship Academy

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Hi, I Am Imran Baig, On A Mission To Make 1 Million People Fall In Love With Writing And Support Them In Forging Their Future Using The Power Of The Pen. Having Spent More Than 2 Decades Being The Student Of Human Behaviour And Mind Dynamics, What I Have Discovered Is – Writing Is The Closest Possible Tool Which Gives Us A Direct Access To Our Mind As The Writing Comes From The Mind Directly And That’s Where I Fell In Love With The Science Of Handwriting Analysis. I Invite You To Join Us For The Webinar To Explore The Possibilities Of Bringing In Positive Changes To Every Dimension Of Your Life Just By The Way You Write.


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